About Us

Qutie Vanterpool is the owner and founder of “Qutie’s Castle, Fashion and Apparel Boutique”. The online trendy boutique is setting fashion trends and has been breaking forecasted sales since its conception.  Qutie is both a professional retailer and independent make-up artesian (MUA) based in Baltimore servicing the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) areas. Inspired and trained under the tutelage of her famous mother “Star” founder and owner of StarFaces, LLC.  In her own right, Qutie is an experienced Makeup Artesian (MUA) accomplished in retail, production, and branding. “King Quite” as she is affectionately called has launched and branded her own cosmetics line “Qutie Collections”, Waist Trainers, Fashion Apparel and Eye Lash line. Qutie is a groundbreaking entrepreneur that is pushing the boundaries of creative fashion, marketing, and design.  She is true trailblazer forecasted to accomplish phenomenal things. Qutie’s Castle Fashion & Apparel Boutique is a one-stop shop that specializes in waist shapers, Hip & Butt Enhances (lifters), cosmetics and the latest cutting-edge fashion designs.