Intimates apparel is non-refundable, and this includes waist trainers, Body Shapers, Hip & Butt enhancers (lifters), or lashes. Due to COVID-19 exchanges are not allowed and are prohibited. A standard U.S. shipping fee of ($10) is assessed to each purchase at checkout and for international shipping additional rates may apply if purchased outside the U.S.


Waist Trainers, Body Shapers, Hip & Butt Enhances (lifters) have non-traditional sizing scales.  When selecting a garment—Do not rely on your own sizing instincts.  For examples, if you normally wear a medium, your body shaper may not fit. It is EXTREMELY important to use the sizing chart to ensure proper fit. These sizes tend to run small, so take correct measurements keeping in mind that your body will type will fluctuate so it is vital to select correct measurements of your hip and waist.  These garments are designed to fit tight and grip to create a lift effect.

Waist Trainers in particular are usually a struggle to get on in the beginning, so do not be alarmed if you have a hard time getting it on the first time. This is very common, because it performs to train your waist to get smaller.